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  • Keplers

    There Will Be Justice

    February 18, 2013 by Keplers

    An epical story by me.

    Consider yourselves lucky, wikians. You are seeing the full, unedited story before most of it hits the MBs.

    Fire flew out of Tarvus's sword at the Dark Hunters below. They had brought out a battering ram and it was taking all the Toa they had to protect the Matoran inside the fortress, and most importantly, the stone it held. A messenger ran to a Toa swinging a flail, generating a bolt of white-hot fire.

    "Tarvus! We have word from the others!"

    "What is it, Dar?"

    Dar was a Ta-Matoran with a black Kiril. He was brave, but weak. They kept him around as a messenger, but if Tarvus had his way, which he very nearly did, Dar would be evacuated entirely from the battle.

    Dar looked around. He didn't want to give the bad news.


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  • Keplers

    Centurin Roleplay

    January 14, 2013 by Keplers

    No, not Centurion, I know what you're thinking, you history people like me. No, this is the robotic war-torn world Centurin. The sides-


    One-eyed robots that rule the planet Centurin. They will not stop until humanity is enslaved or destroyed.

    Leader: Open

    Other Positions Leader Will Assign: Open


    Centurinite Alliance:

    A rebel band of humans ready to bravely take back the planet stolen by their robot army. They are also going to try to figure out what is causing the robots to attack the humans.

    Leader: Me

    Second: Open

    Techs: (Reprogram Centurins) Open

    Soldiers: Open

    Pilots: Open


    Earth Government:

    The home planet is involved, but not enough. They promise to send some people to save Centurin from loss. They are comprised of the follow…

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