No, not Centurion, I know what you're thinking, you history people like me. No, this is the robotic war-torn world Centurin. The sides-


One-eyed robots that rule the planet Centurin. They will not stop until humanity is enslaved or destroyed.

Leader: Open

Other Positions Leader Will Assign: Open


Centurinite Alliance:

A rebel band of humans ready to bravely take back the planet stolen by their robot army. They are also going to try to figure out what is causing the robots to attack the humans.

Leader: Me

Second: Open

Techs: (Reprogram Centurins) Open

Soldiers: Open

Pilots: Open


Earth Government:

The home planet is involved, but not enough. They promise to send some people to save Centurin from loss. They are comprised of the following:

North American Gov.

President: Open (Changes every four months)

Army*: Open

Navy: Open

Aerospace Force: Open


South American Empire

Emperor: Open

Generals: x4 Open

Soldiers: Open


European Union

Federation Chair: Open (Rotates every month)

Air and Space Branch: Open

Ground Defense Branch: Open

Ocean Defense Branch: Open


IPLO (Interplanetary Liberation Organization)

Head- Open

Second- Open

Suicide bombers- Open

Terrorist soldiers- Open

  • The branches go down in rank. The first to volunteer is head of the branch. Second is 5-star general, third 4-star, so on until we reach lowest ranks for infinity.

The African Tribes will wage a war in a separate RP until they are united.

Asia has vowed to stay out of the conflict.

Any faction can actually be the cause of the attacks for any number of reasons. Examples:

1. The North American Government is making an excuse to take people off of Centurin, at any cost.

2. The South American Empire wants to use the planet for mass drug production and is attempting to take over the planet.

3. The European Union is finding subtle ways to go to war with the North American Republic.

4. Terrorsist Organizations are attacking and not taking responsibility for once. XP

5. Asia is hacking the robots and thus is staying out of the war.

6. Centurinite Leaders are trying to become famous.

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